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Since 2002 when we got the TurboXS Training at their facilities we have been providing tuning and support for UTEC Customers. Our experience have cover a great number of Subarus and Nissans with this engine management. From stock WRX to Highly modified STI and Highly Modified 350Z/G35 Twin Turbos. We have been working directly with TXS for the last 5 years on the testing and development of the product, with more than 100 cars tuned giving us the knowledge necessary to guarantee our results. We do dyno tuning at the request of customers. For more info and appointment please contact us.




One year ago we decided to join ECUTEK Forces for their effort in OEM ECU Tuning. We became certified ECUTEK tuners by taking an intensive training on their product. At the moment we cover all drive by wire Subarus from 04+. Again we have tuned from stock Legacy GT to Highly modified STIs without problems. This tunings are been used on daily driven cars with oem feel drivability. For more info and appointment please contact us.


    Note: Most of the products sold are for off-road use only. Performance and racing services have no warranty. Performance  upgrade will void OEM warranties. We promote motorsport activities at controlled and aproved facilities, no public road activity that will involved braking the law are promoted. Be safe and concious.