About us...


    What started as a hobby, high performance driving, has become a mission to continue to improve on the already excellent Japanese sport/sport compact cars. We can handle anything from simple tune up jobs to fully race prepared cars. By 1995 we had started driving all kinds of Japanese small compacts such as Suzuki, Honda, Acura, Mitsubishi and others on autocross, Solo I, Time Trials and Driving schools. In those early years we got involved on PCA (Porsche Club of America)driving schools, giving us the opportunity to experience more powerful cars like the RX7 TT, Supra TT and NSX.

    Having the opportunity of driving these type of cars and going into the retail business for SUBARU really woke up our passion for the advanced design and many other attributes these cars have. In 1999 we started by preparing a 2000 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS for road racing. Our understanding of the car's potential and utter dedication translated into 2 consecutive road racing championships. In 2001 we open our facilities also for the preparation of customers cars.

    In 2002 we stepped up in category and prepared a 2002 Impreza WRX, with that same dedication and now with unmatched experience we obtained our third championship title. It was around that time that we expanded our reach and started using that  same passion, dedication and experience toward providing our customers with consistent, reliable and well balanced prepared cars.

Our mission its simple : Precision, perfection and honesty to all our customers. By doing so, we expect you to enjoy the satisfaction of taking your vehicle in all new levels.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity,

Miguel Alcrudo Jr. / Operations Manager