Latest News...


   New 2008 STI WRC





    We took a 2005 daily driven STI with a FP Red turbo to the 1/4 mile to try and do the 10sec goal. For our surprise the car did more that what we asked for. With two 10.67 @127mph and a 10.71 @129mph runs we proved that combinations are the key for great balance in power and drivability.                                              


Latest Product...


EXTREME is the coined word which multiplied EXHAUST (exhaust gas) and SUPREME (extreme).
In EXTREME, the exhaust relation items (exhaust manifold / outlet pipe / front pipe / sport catalyze) which took in the maximum engine development technology of our company are developed and announced.


    Note: Most of the products sold are for off-road use only. Performance and racing services have no warranty. Performance  upgrade will void OEM warranties. We promote motorsport activities at controlled and approved facilities, no public road activity that will involved braking the law are promoted. Be safe and conscious.

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